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Intro to the founders, Toni and Tyler Hutchinson

Hi, welcome to Fuegos!

We are your artsy, creative couple who love parenting our three young kids. We currently reside in big city Houston, TX, but are both bred from a small town of the North (say with Old English accent) in Idaho! Tyler likes to act and has built his career around performing in the Houston area. Toni enjoys photography, social media marketing, and teaching English. We love imagining, implementing ideas, and making our world more beautiful. In 2017, we visualized a company, Fuegos, that sells wooden sunglasses. After trying on our first pair of wooden sunglasses, it was love-at-first sight, no pun intended, not only for the incredible comfort and lightness they offer that other glasses don’t, but for their eco-friendliness and aesthetic appeal. We aspired to create our own brand, a brand that inspires confidence, motivation, inspiration, is eco-friendly, and gives back to our environment; and thus Fuegos arose from the ashes like a Phoenix.

Phoenix fuegos

We also want to help the natural disaster cause, especially those caused by fire, as our name implies. Fire can be friendly and comforting, like a warm, cackling campfire with a group of friends, or it can be exciting and happy, like fireworks at a celebration, and many other positive, creative aspects. Fire can also be deadly, dangerous, and destructive- a racing, surging, living thing that consumes all in its path. As natural disasters worldwide accumulate, more humanitarians need to help rebuild, donate time and resources, and raise awareness. As part of our contribution to the natural-disaster-cause we partner with One Tree Planted and plant one tree for every pair of glasses purchased. Like the man who helped throw stranded starfish back into the sea, we too can make a difference in small but mighty ways!


Fuegos are completely made from sustainable materials and tree farms. You can feel confident knowing where your product comes from!