Our Story

Ignite your fuegos

 Fire in the mountains smoke rising.

“Winds 2-5. Gusting to 10 out of the Southwest,” said a voice on the radio.  I scanned the horizon, the entire forest was ablaze.  Fire two stories high lit up the night, a thick cloud of smoke was quickly filling the sky, and the wind was moving our way.  24 hours later the entire valley was in ashes.  When interviewed, the firefighters said there just wasn’t enough resources to throw at the fire to stop it.  In 2017, 8.6 million acres were burned in wildfires, and 8.1 million in 2018.  Many homes were destroyed, human and animal, leaving many homeless.  As I looked at the devastation I felt equally as devastated and tears welled up in my eyes I wondered, how could we possibly rebuild?  While most people had insurance to cover the damages, our forests did not and so fuegos was born.

fuegos light your light

fuegos is the fire within each of us that fills us with hope, life, and love.  fuegos is the feeling that burns inside, ignites our passion and fans the flame of our imagination.  fuegos is the light and warmth that we sense when we share our hope, life, and love with others.  Our mission is to go forth boldly, honorably, and united, until we inspire every nation, ignite every passion, and light the fuegos inside every heart.

fuegos logo

fuegos was founded in 2017, and what started as a company has become a movement.  Recruiting all outdoor enthusiasts, connoisseurs of travel, & the passionate, we are the elite brand in wooden sunglasses & we’ve got your eyes covered.  Our sunglasses are handcrafted from recycled, sustainable materials and re-purposed wood and skateboards.  Every pair of wooden sunglasses we sell plants four trees.  Every other item in our store has a one for one pledge, for every item sold we plant one tree.

Fire can be deadly, dangerous, and destructive; a racing and surging living thing that consumes all in its path.  Yet it can also be friendly (like a group of friends around a campfire), comforting (like the sound of the crackling fire in the background as you enjoy a good book), exciting (like fireworks at a celebration), happy (like a candle on a birthday cake), and many other positive, creative aspects.  Just like the story of a phoenix rising from the ashes reborn, fire also brings life. 

 Phoenix fuegos